“Little Obsession” em Projecto Artístico

A peça “Little Obsession” no projecto artístico “Portugal: Inner Perspectives” de Ana Marta Aguiar:

“The music of this video is called “Little Obsession” and was composed by Nuno Jacinto. When listening to the piece, very quickly the idea of the busyness of a city came to mind. It also reminded me of the obsession of working to perfection when preparing a piece of music. The contrast between the quick, more energetic sections and the quiet, more reflective sections also reminded me of the contrast between the city of Manchester and the nature that I have experienced in Portugal. Therefore, I decided to include videos of the city of Manchester in time-lapse, giving the idea of the non-stop, busy characteristics of cities in general, and videos and photos of places in Portugal where nature is very much present, representing the calm and peaceful characteristic that Portugal can have.”

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